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Clarus has found its niche as the innovator of the glassboard internationally.

In the US, Clarus is the innovator of the glassboard.

In Europe, Clarus is the perfecter of the glassboard.

The Modern-Day Writing Surface.

What makes Clarus unique in the glassboard market? When it comes to customization, Clarus is the only company than offers endlessly unique solutions based on your individual needs.

From wall-mounted glassboards and glassboards on wheels, integrated into workstations, and high-resolution, cinema-quality projection glass — finding solutions for every design scenario is our passion.

Clarus invents new ways for clients around the world to use the most basic form of written communication and make every surface a collaboration surface.

Customization is a Global Obsession

From the US to the UK, Europe, Asia, and beyond — Clarus is revolutionizing collaboration.

Limitless color options, shape cutting capabilities, custom sizing options, and mounting options for any surface imaginable — all available within a standard, 3-week lead time.

Every crate is built-to-order with FSC certified wood to fit its glassboard perfectly.


More than a decade in — Clarus has perfected the production process.

  • 30+ quality checks
  • Hands-on manufacturing
  • Environmentally sustainable processes

Every single glassboard is
hand-crafted, designed to be the best writing surface for your space.

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