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Lower your total operating expenses.

As campus leaders seek to stretch budgets to cover growing expenses while improving educational outcomes and student experiences, every advantage counts. Yet one of the biggest opportunities in lowering operating costs is to focus on the classroom’s hardest working piece of equipment, the dry erase board. In 2016, Clarus™ commissioned an independent study on the true costs of whiteboards, to compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of whiteboards to glassboards. The results reflect what every facility manager, administrator and educator already know—whiteboards don’t last very long.

73% of facility managers
say whiteboards last less
than four years.

The study found that 73% of facility managers say whiteboards last four years or less on average before becoming permanently discolored or damaged. This is amounting to replacing the average board location three times over ten years. As any educator knows, about 70% of the time, the discoloration and ‘ghosting’ becomes unbearable.

Glassboards have been
tested to withstand
6,500 pounds of force.

Glassboards also lower operating expenses with lower installation costs, and virtually no maintenance required. In busy classroom environments, plastic whiteboards become damaged and require replacement and repair, while glassboards have been tested to withstand 6,500 lbs of force, enough to hang a Ford F-150 from the board.

Glassboards clean 300%
more efficiently than

Glassboards also clean more easily than other options, reducing time-wasting scrubbing, and reducing the use of disinfectant and cleaner. And a recent bacterial test demonstrated that glassboards clean 300% more efficiently than whiteboards, important for improved sanitation and also lowering other intangible costs driven by the spread of infection.

Glassboards last forever

Glassboards last forever, never requiring replacement, are cheaper to install and maintain, clean more efficiently while using less cleaner and decrease the spread of infection. They are the ultimate efficiency and cost saving upgrade for a busy campus.

Build a board that will last the life of your space.

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