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Optimize your glassboard’s functionality by making it magnetic! As one of our most popular options, magnetic glassboards provide a premier Clarus™ writing surface that can also hold thick, hefty paper notes with a single magnet.

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Need to jot down a quick reminder or hang an elegant marker tray from the surface of your board? No problem. Clarus magnetic glassboards provide a premier writing surface and a memo board all in one.

Strength in Steel

Our design team laminates 26-gauge steel to the back of Clarus’ tempered safety glass, creating an incredibly strong magnetic writing surface. The combination of our highest quality glass and thick steel provides a magnetic dry erase board that makes visual communication easy. You don’t need a crumbling cork board or old-school tack surface that detracts from the beauty of your space any longer.

But that’s not all…

Clarus has designed a line of magnetic tools and accessories, so you can use your glassboard in multiple ways. From magnetic marker trays and erasers, to magnets themselves – all magnetic accessories are made from the strongest rare earth magnets, so your tools never have to leave the glassboard.
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