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Now, nothing stands in your way. Integrated with Logitech®’s innovative Scribe technology, our latest cutting-edge glassboard captures thoughts and ideas without visual blockages and streams them directly to devices.

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Captures only the content and not the collaborators, even while writing.
Streams directly to your personal devices.
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Compatible with the most popular teleconference software options.


  Captures only the content on the board and streams to devices & teleconference software

  Integration with Logitech®’s Scribe technology ensures no visual blockages, even while writing

  Effortlessly share in video meetings for Microsoft Teams® Rooms, Zoom Rooms™, and other leading video conferencing services

  With one-step assembly, ready to go upon delivery

  Workplace equity – enables a collaborative hybrid work environment for all

  Durable, sturdy construction

  Mobile design for meeting space flexibility

  Battery-powered up to 8 hours, and chargeable overnight

  Locked accessory storage

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Compatible with the most popular teleconference software options, no matter where collaborators are – nothing stands in their way of seeing your presentation