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Color Theory & Mental Health

From the clothes on your body to the walls in your office space, each color (or lack thereof) can have a significant impact on an individual’s emotional response, mood, and overall mental and physical health. In our modern world, personal well-being has been an overarching focus for public-facing industries now more than ever. Designers continue to take it upon themselves to build intentional spaces that support the needs and wellness of their occupants.

The research behind this CEU dives deep into the importance of color theory in design, color and its tie to productivity in the workplace, and color theory in relation to mental health.


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Generation Z: Why Design is Changing… Again

As the post-millennial Generation makes its way into college and the corporate world, it’s imperative for institutions and organizations to holistically grasp and comprehend not just the way Z’s learn, retain, and comprehend information, but the events that have shaped them and who they are.

Our research covers the types of environments this generation thrives in, while learning and how colleges and companies can adapt and conform to meet the needs of Generation Z. The future students and professionals are coming, are we designing with them in mind yet?


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Decorative Glass for the Interior Environments

In virtually every building, there are opportunities to create the overall look and feel of a space using glass. Beyond the aesthetic, the performance of glass surfaces over time is critically important to the users and owners of buildings. This course will explore the different types of glass used in interior spaces and their impact on safety.

Additionally, the course will dive into the differences between the various fabrication and finishing processes for different decorative glass applications. Finally, we will review how decorative glass can be specified for specific LEED criteria on a project.


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The Psychology of Writing Things Down & What it Means for Design

Writing things down is an age-old concept that applies to every industry, but especially interior design. Writing fosters the foundation of collaboration – the most timeless design trend. With modern design, anything can be a writing surface – what should that writing surface be? The desktop? The cubicle walls? Entire walls?

The course analyzes written language and explores the psychological benefits of writing in the contexts of to-do lists and collaboration. The content explores writing in academic and professional environments and inspires designers to include writing surfaces in every design.


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