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What is a glassboard?

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From whiteboards, to porcelain, to chalk boards, glassboards solve every fallacy of other writing surfaces. And with Clarus™ creative engineers, anything can become a writing surface.

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From cubicle walls to desk dividers, table tops, walls, and projection screens, Clarus glassboards offer turnkey solutions to elevate the entire experience of the writing surface.

Lifelong Durability

Glassboards last longer than any other writing surface – including whiteboards, chalk boards, and porcelain.

5 Years
chalk boards
6 Years
porcelain boards
7 Years
The life of your wall
Decades from now, our glassboards will still function as though they were brand new.
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Perpetually Clean

From ink, over use, scratches, or simply from age – all other writing surfaces will show the wear and tear of daily use.

Only glassboards are nonporous and tempered for durability, so whether you put paint, permanent, or dry erase ink on its surface, glass will always come clean.

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Germ Free

Glass is nonporous.

Whether you put permanent ink on the surface or douse it in germs – glassboards will come clean every time.

In a controlled lab, Clarus coated both a glassboard and a whiteboard in Staph bacteria. The results showed that our glassboards were completely germ-free after one cleaning – 3 times cleaner than the traditional whiteboard.

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Aesthetically Elevated

Glassboards are the most useful aesthetic.

From mounting directly to cubicle systems, floating on the wall, combining a glassboard and projection surface all in one, and putting glassboards on wheels – glassboards act as the most functional design piece for any space.

Unprecedented ROI

No other writing surface provides such a high return on investment like Clarus glassboards.

Initial Investment
Average Whiteboard Cost (The Tip of the Iceberg)
The total you’ll spend on replacing a Clarus glassboard
Unseen Costs
The wasted money on keeping a whiteboard on your wall
of whiteboards last an average of 4 years
of whiteboards last an average of 2 years
of whiteboards are replaced because of discoloration
The total of Clarus glassboards that have ever been replaced for discoloration or random breakage
The total percentage wasted on replacing a whiteboard over 10 years

Glassboards last more than 5 times as long as the traditional writing surface.

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