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Chalkboard, Whiteboard or Glassboard?

Choosing a board for your home, office or classroom can be difficult; there are now so many options, it can be hard to know which is best for you. Here are just three of your board options:

Traditional Chalkboard – Going for a traditional black or green chalkboard is not only outdated and dusty, but it can even be bad for your health. Chalk can irritate allergies, dry out skin and even make it difficult for asthma sufferers to breathe. There has since been a product called “dustless chalk” that creates heavier chalk particles, but it hasn’t shown to completely resolve the issue. Not only will you be buying expensive chalk, but you will most likely have issues with cleaning the board, and keeping your space clean. If you can get a chalkboard for free, it might be worth the dust. Otherwise, there are better options.

Traditional Whiteboard – A traditional whiteboard eliminates your need for chalk, and can help make your space look more modern and updated. Whiteboards, however, can easily stain and streak, causing issues with cleaning the board, as well as a shortened lifespan. Most boards are so heavily stained after five to seven years that they need to be replaced, even with weekly recommended cleanings. Another downfall of whiteboards is that they’re made from pressboard, which is typically shredded wood particles held together by chemicals, then coated in more chemicals, which gives the board it’s shiny, white glow, and allows for a slight static cling, which holds the dry erase markers.

Glass Whiteboardglass whiteboards are typically your best choice for boards—if your budget can handle it. If you plan on using the board for ten or more years, you will find that a glassboard is absolutely worth the investment. Glass whiteboards can last as long as the life of the wall they’re bolted to. The best part about glass whiteboards is that they never stain or streak, and can be back-painted to the color of your choice. Glass whiteboards are made from a tempered glass, which is five to ten times stronger than regular glass. If you do encounter a force strong enough to break tempered glass, you’ll find that it shatters into small, pebble-like shards, instead of large, sharp ones in regular glass. Again, a glassboard is a quality product, so you may expect to pay a bit more than the other boards.

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