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Clarus Glass Boards vs Whiteboards: Which is Better?

Are you outfitting your office or classroom with new boards? Click here to read about Clarus glass boards vs whiteboards and which you should choose.

When it comes to formulating ideas, collaboration is key. Whether it’s bringing together ideas from across the office or managing student’s suggestions, writing them down is the way to go. When you write these ideas down, you want flexibility and the ability to change things on a whim.

Whiteboards and Clarus glass boards are two of the most common methods used to record ideas in a classroom or office setting.

But which one is better for you? How do you know which one will elevate the design of your classroom or office space?

Here’s a simple breakdown of both glass boards and traditional whiteboards to help you figure out which one is best for you.

Features of Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a classic staple of any classroom or office space. Whiteboards are a retro look that can show the age of your space.

Melamine Whiteboards

Made of laminated resin with a cardboard backing, melamine boards are nonmagnetic. The lack of magnetism and cheap materials makes customization impossible.

Because of the weak material, these boards will get damaged over time. Scratches will make them impossible to write on. The boards will warp making storage and usage extremely difficult.

The surface of these boards is also porous. The more you use them, the more the marker will sink into the board. This causes ghosting, which is difficult to remove without the usage of harsh chemicals.


Melamine boards are the cheapest option of any type of board. However, having to replace them every few months will make costs add up. Having to purchase cleaning supplies to try and maintain it will get expensive as well.

Features of Clarus Glass Boards

Clarus glass boards have a lot of features that make them unique and stand out from a traditional whiteboard.


The first thing you’ll notice about glass boards is it is made of tempered safety glass. This results in extreme levels of durability, which is great if you have a board that can move around the room. The frame holding the board is also made to last.

Teachers often have to switch classrooms, and office spaces may change. The durability of these boards means you can take it from space to space without any damage happening.

Glass boards make keeping your space clean and professional a breeze. Glass is a nonporous material, so when you erase markers from the board, there will be no ghost marks left behind. You won’t have to use harsh chemicals to get out those stains, which is great for you and your wallet.

Glass boards are easier to disinfect and offer bacteria-resistant surfaces because they are nonporous. This is a great hygienic solution to an area that gets heavy usage by many people throughout the day.

Color and Customization

Glass boards offer high levels of customization to match your classroom or office aesthetic perfectly. Clarus glass boards come in both a clear option and a color option.

The standard clear boards will blend it with any area. It keeps sightlines open so your office or classroom feels less cramped, which is great if you’re working with a small space.

Clarus glass boards come in more than 150 different colors. This means you can pick the perfect color to go with your brand, workspace, or content. It also allows for a fun pop of color in your space while still being usable.

Engraving your glass boards with logos or a graphic can a personal touch to your space. Adding LED lights also elevate your space to the next level. Between the color, lights, and customization, everyone will want to use your board!

Size Variation

Clarus glass boards are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any space. You can have a larger one for meeting spaces and smaller ones for desks or personal usage.

Purchasing different sizes and colors to put together adds to the creativity these boards offer. You can color-code rooms or tasks with different types of boards. The options are endless!

Reguardless of the size of the board, glass boards are going to be extremely lightweight. This makes them easy to transport and install in any space.


Between the long-lasting quality, easy installation, customization, and size variations, Clarus glass boards pay for themselves!

Glass boards are four times more durable than a standard whiteboard. The glass is scratch-resistant and so durable you won’t need to buy a new board every few years.

Purchase the Best Board for You

If you are using your board every day, looking for a modern look, and want something built to last, Clarus glass boards are the best option for you. Clarus glass boards are a step above the completion and can bring your space into the modern era.

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