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Installing your New Glass Marker Board

So you’ve finally purchased your first glass whiteboard! While it’s extremely exciting to receive the oversized package in the mail, it can be a bit intimidating for the less than handyman types. However, have no fear; installing your board is a simple and quick process! First thing you will want to do is make sure you have all your hardware and tools:

Hardware – Depending on the size board you received, you will be supplied with either four or six of each of these items:

Wall Anchors

Tools – You will need to supply your own tools, including:

A drill
Tape Measurer
Blue Tape

Step 1: Template Now that you’re ready to mount your glass board, you will find a paper template the exact size and shape of your board. You will use this template to decide where your board fits best in your room. Use your level to make sure your template is centered and level and use your tape to hold it in place. You can leave the template up and drill through the pre-marked holes, to ensure accuracy.

Step 2: Drill and Anchor Drill at each pre-marked hole; for smaller boards, you will only have one per corner, but larger boards will have two extra standoffs for support. Once you’ve drilled your holes, remove the template and screw in the wall anchors.

Step 3: Install Standoffs Your standoffs hold the board in place, but don’t affix it to the wall, which gives depth and creates a modern look. Your standoffs need to be screwed into the wall anchors. Make sure your standoffs are firmly installed into the wall.

Step 4: Insert Thread Studs Your standoff should come in three pieces: your anchor piece that gets screwed into the wall, the thread stud and washer that cap off the anchor piece and your standoff caps, which finish off the look and secure the board in place. After your standoff anchors are screwed into the wall, screw the thread studs into place using your hand.

Step 5: Hang your Board Finally! It’s time to hang your beautiful glass board! It’s always smart to have at least two people hang the board, especially if you’ve purchased a larger board. Line up the holes in your glass marker board with the standoff pieces and simply screw on the standoff caps until they’re firmly in place. Voila! You have your board installed in a matter of minutes!

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