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What is Whiteboard Ghosting?

We’ve all used the standard whiteboard and dry erase markers in schools, offices and even our own homes. Whiteboards look great—for the first month or two of use. It doesn’t take long for whiteboards to start staining and “ghosting,” which make the board less legible and more difficult to use. Ghosting is when your dry erase marker ink bleeds into the surface of your board.

Ghosting can be caused by one of four reasons; it can be cause by dirty erasers, by erasing marker that is still wet, by using the wrong kind of marker or by using the board too frequently. There are a few remedies for your ghosting problems, but most are just temporary and will need to be repeated monthly or even weekly, for the entire lifespan of your whiteboard. If you’ve accidentally used the wrong kind of marker on your board, usually rubbing alcohol can reduce the damage. Dampen a cloth with the alcohol and wipe the board in a circular motion. You may need to repeat a few times to get everything off.

Many people have discovered a quick fix for stubborn permanent or dry erase marks on the board. Typically, if you write over the stain with a dry erase marker the chemicals will loosen the stain and can be wiped away while it’s still wet. Be sure to wipe entirely though, as wiping wet marker is one of the ways you can stain your board to begin with. If the dry erase trick didn’t work for you, try a stain remover, and be sure to rinse with clean water and a cloth.

Unfortunately, ghosted boards will only last so long, and the stain removal process can be daunting. When it’s time to start looking for alternative options, you will definitely want a glass whiteboard. Glass whiteboards are made from tempered glass and are up to ten times as strong as regular glass. Their surface is less porous than any of the traditional whiteboards made of porcelain, melamine or plastic coating. These strong surfaces won’t be damaged by harsh chemicals and never have a problem with ghosting.

The glass whiteboard has become popular so quickly because it is durable, sleek and eco-friendly. Not only can you have a whiteboard made of glass, you can also customize it to fit your office or classroom. Do you like the look of blackboards but hate chalk? You can get a black back-painted board and never worry about dust and allergies again. You can also opt for the clear glassboard, which allows you to get creative with your board for holidays and special occasions. No matter what kind of glassboard you choose, you can rest assured that days of ghosting will be far behind you.

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