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Why Hospitals Use Whiteboards

The glass whiteboard, one of the newest, cleanest and most eco-friendly boards on the market have opened a new world for hospitals to communicate, both internally and externally. Hospital employees typically have one thing on their mind no matter where they are in the building; cleanliness. Glass whiteboards allow hospitals to get the full use of a whiteboard without the germs, staining and ghosting of the traditional whiteboard.
Healthboard - glass whiteboard for hospitals
A couple great uses for whiteboards in a hospital setting include:

Inspiration boards – A hospital can be a scary and overwhelming place, especially for children and older adults. They can wake up disoriented from drugs or in a lot of pain. One great use for a glass whiteboard is an inspiration boards for daily thoughts and encouragement. By placing a board in each room, you allow family and friends the opportunity to write nice “hello’s” and inspirational comments for when the patient is lonely later in the day.

Patient health – Patient health is the most important priority for doctors and nurses, and while most hospitals keep detailed files of each patient’s information, sometimes it needs to be easily accessible. Doctors and nurses can keep track of the patient’s pain levels, symptoms and moods and see if there has been any progress. If symptoms change regularly, this may be a good way of compiling a list to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with the patient.

Patient Information – Whiteboards are great for keeping patients, doctors and nurses fully updated. Physicians can write their names on the patient’s board, which is very helpful to long-term patients, since scheduling can make it difficult to remember the name of your most recent doctor or nurse. Other helpful information can be patient’s room number, emergency contact numbers and if there are any surgeries scheduled for the next day.

Scheduling and messaging – Hospital scheduling can get a bit hectic. Hospitals have long used whiteboards to organize the staff and nurse schedule and any recent changes that have been made. Magnetic glass whiteboards allow hospitals to save markers and time by designating magnets and nametags to each staff member. The boards can double as message or reminder boards.

Hospitals have seen much improvement in patient satisfaction with the use of whiteboards as a communication tool. While there are no concrete numbers from the study, it’s been noted that patients feel more comforted and taken care of when they are aware of their current state, their physician information and have a clear method of communicating with the staff.

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