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Beautiful design inspires learning.

When you are educating the next generation, the stakes are high and the opportunity is great. Clarus™ boards are ideal design anchors, instead of after-thoughts. Perfect for any classroom space – elegant, customizable and functional.

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Clean and Modern Design

Clarus speaks your language as a designer. Color choices? No problem, we have over 150 standard colors or any custom color.

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Sustainable Materials

All Clarus products are made in the USA, under one roof at our manufacturing campus in Fort Worth, Texas, with low-VOC coatings and environmentally friendly processes.

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Functional for the Classroom

Yesterday’s lecture will never be today’s distraction. Every Clarus board wipes perfectly clean, ensuring the perfect presentation surface for professors.

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With growing enrollment, yet limited square footage, institutions of higher learning are becoming more creative than ever before with space management strategies. From Space Advisory Committees to Planning, Design and Construction Departments, the use of resources on campus is now a major focus for many universities and their design teams. Much of the space planning process revolves around scheduling and future construction, but with Clarus, space management can get a boost without any construction permits or costly downtime.
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Clarus Glass dry erase board products easily and quickly enhance the design style of any classroom. In his book, A Learning College for the 21st Century, author Terry O’Banion advocates for “A Learning Campus”, a place where the traditional classroom and lab are not the only places where learning occurs. Clarus can help deliver on this concept – from walls of Clarus writeable glass, to the minimalist Float glassboard which can install virtually anywhere on campus, beautiful Clarus products turn the ordinary into the collaborative.
Still need a more agile solution? It’s the go! Mobile family that really shines when it comes to space management. go! Mobile™ is a glass markerboard on wheels which can gang to create a classroom board, separate for individual breakout sessions, and nest together for a minimal footprint when not in use. Let Clarus be the center of your design style!
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Design the perfect glassboard for your space.

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