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Return to the Office: How One Company is Preparing with Room Dividers

Meeting the needs and demands of the modern-day office environment is a new challenge for many enterprises. One of the country’s leading global financial services firms and banking institutions is proactively setting the standard for a healthy, vibrant return to the workplace. This particular financial services firm is a big fan... Read

Creating a modern Penaissance: The art of writing things down

In our new era of telecommuting and virtual conferencing, the old problems of office collaboration haven’t disappeared—they've just found new ways to manifest themselves. Team directors and office leaders may find that the sudden switch to working from home strains communications and creativity, making the right collaborative approach more critical... Read

Leading from home? Become a virtual collaboration wizard.

Is working from home creating a thinking problem? For leaders used to furiously scribbling on brainstorming boards in the office war room, the answer may be yes. Collaborating from home can feel flat and disconnected—especially during abrupt transitions with no preset structure for remote work. Don’t let this hurt productivity.... Read

5 Tips to Stay Organized While Working From Home

Whether you’re the most methodical person in the office or always running late to the meeting, abruptly making the switch to working from home wrenches a new kind of insanity into our schedules. Kids tele-learning in the living room. Spouses video conferencing in the dining room. Pets who think it’s... Read

Craving the Sound of Silence? Tips for Improved Office Acoustics

Open-concept office environments have become the norm with the goal of encouraging collaboration. They also have been shown to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of space a company needs for their employees. However, many struggle to focus due to constant noise distractions. Did you know that acoustic felt panels... Read

The Workforce is Changing. Are you Prepared?

As Baby Boomers retire, the workforce will be compiled of Millennials (1984-1995) and Generation Z (1996-2010). The influx of Millennials and the dawn of the internet changed the workplace environment and culture dramatically. However, now employers must consider the needs of a new generation. Millennials and Gen Z do share many... Read

Benefits of Flexible Classroom Design

In the last few years, flexible classroom design has become a hot topic in education. A lot of research has come out of both the education and psychology fields about ways to improve learning. As researchers and teachers learn more about the different ways in which students learn, they have... Read

Raising Retention through Active Learning

Students today are harder than ever to keep focused. With the constant influx of information, teachers have to get creative to keep Generation Z engaged. Both educators and psychologists have studied the teaching methods that are most effective – and they always point to active learning. Active learning is a... Read

Group Work or Lectures… Which Teaching Method is Best for Students?

The reality is that in most professions, you work as a team. While the extent to which you collaborate changes from profession to profession, this is an essential skill to being successful after college…and even post high school. If you are headed to college, you’re going to do group projects.... Read

A Well-Designed Office Leads to Happier Employees

In our recent blog, “The Workplace of 2020: The Balance between Quiet and Collaboration,” we discussed the importance of giving employees a choice when it comes to where they work. Design, while obviously important for aesthetics and recruiting talent, plays a bigger-than-expected role in employee engagement. We looked at some... Read

Glassboards are ALWAYS a Better Choice for Higher Education

Glass whiteboards are easily the best product for collaboration at offices, hospitals, and colleges. A glassboard is different from a traditional whiteboard because it’s much more durable than the traditional chemical-coated pressboard that streaks and stains. The tempered glassboards are built to last and have been tested against up to... Read

A Green Workplace: Not Just about Sustainability

While technology creates much more opportunity for flexible work environments, it seems to have fostered a 24/7 working culture. With the longer hours and increased stress that comes with it, organisations need to look to new and unique ways to improve the work environment for their employees. While sustainability continues... Read

The Workplace of 2020: A Balance between Quiet and Collaboration

The importance of choice is a basic human need. Choice is intrinsically linked to our need for control. With the rise of a consumerism model brought on by the internet (and especially Amazon), the need for choice is greater than ever. And the workplace, a place a lot of people... Read

Maybe Glass?

Recently, a large group of project managers from a Division I university sat down with Clarus to discuss various design challenges on campus. To their surprise, most of their requirements could be met with standard Clarus products. The more complex problems only required slight deviations of standard products to produce... Read