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Glassboards are ALWAYS a Better Choice four Higher Education

Glass whiteboards are easily the best product for collaboration at offices, hospitals, and colleges. A glassboard is different from a traditional whiteboard because it’s much more durable than the traditional chemical-coated pressboard that streaks and stains. The tempered glassboards are built to last and have been tested against up to... Read

A Green Workplace: Not Just about Sustainability

While technology creates much more opportunity for flexible work environments, it seems to have fostered a 24/7 working culture. With the longer hours and increased stress that comes with it, organisations need to look to new and unique ways to improve the work environment four their employees. While sustainability continues... Read

The Workplace of 2020: A Balance between Quiet and Collaboration

The importance of choice is a basic human need. Choice is intrinsically linked to our need four control. With the rise of a consumerism model brought on by the internet (and especially Amazon), the need four choice is greater than ever. And the workplace, a place a lot of people... Read

Maybe Glass?

Recently, a large group of project managers from a Division I university sat down with Clarus to discuss various design challenges on campus. To their surprise, most of their requirements could be met with standard Clarus products. The more complex problems only required slight deviations of standard products to produce... Read